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Adult Experts sharing their talents with kids.
Adult Christians modeling Christ and mentoring the next generation.
Each 2 hour class will include a snack and spiritual instruction. Because of class size limitations, please identify a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice. Kids will be assigned a class and attend that same class for each session.



Self Defense
Grades K-5. A real life Karate Instructor will teach kids some basic self defense techniques. Kids will love learning introductory karate.

Sign Language
Grades 2-5. Kids will learn the American Sign Language alphabet and the sign language interpretation of a worship song. They will perform this interpretation for our church family on an upcoming Sunday morning.

Wood Working
Grades 1-3. A talented woodworker will walk kids through building wooden cars, trains, and more. Then, they can take home their creation to show off to family and friends. No power tools will be used.

Kids will love learning to bake in a real kitchen. Families will love sampling the creations these kids bring home! This class will be led by home cooking experts.

Grades k-2. A gifted elementary teacher will encourage and challenge kids with increasingly difficult puzzles! Prizes included for each puzzle completed.

Army Drills
Real army drill led by an actual Sergeant First Class from the United States Army! Kids are going to love learning and experiencing some of the things that our soldiers go through, including eating real military MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat).

One of our talented musicians will introduce kids to the world of drumming. Kids will learn the names of different percussion instruments and the terminology of drumming. They will also take drum sticks in hand and play some sick beats!

Flag Football
Kids will be excited to learn the X’s and O’s of flag football from an experienced football coach. They will also love the chance to play!

Gaga Ball
Is there a better way for elementary age kids to burn off some energy on a Sunday afternoon? With a chance to play Gaga ball indoors and outdoors, and real prizes going to the winners, this class will fill up fast!