Bible Studies

Bible Study so important to the life of a follower of Christ. The Bible is God’s Word breathed onto paper as He moved men to write.  It reveals who God is and what He has done and desires of us.  We believe that everyone should read their Bible regularly as an individual but we also believe that it is important to study the Bible within the confines of community.  To study the Bible with others provides many opportunities for you to learn from other’s experiences and perspectives.  It also provides a way of growing in community as you live out what you study in the Bible.  We are called to be a loving, sharing, and inviting community.

Because we are committed to community Bible Study we have provided two avenues to experience this community: one is On-Campus and the other is Off-Campus.  On-Campus Bible Studies take place on the main campus (6050 Plain View Highway) every Sunday at 9am.  This time allows someone to either go to the 8am or 10am worship service.  There are many groups available and we do not regulate who goes to which class.  We encourage you to find the group that best suits you and that might mean trying several of them out.  The Off-Campus Bible Studies happen throughout the week and are hosted throughout the community in members home.  Some meet once a month; others meet multiple times a month.  Some are short-term studies and others are long-term groups.  All of them are open to have more involved and like the On-Campus ones we invite you to find the one that best suits you.

On Campus

  • Students – Student Center
  • Children K5-5th grade – KidCentral Building
  • Millenials (ages 18-25)

Teacher: Todd Satterfield

  • Couples [Engaged or Married]

20’s – 30’s
Teacher: Joel McCray/Christian LaMirand

Mostly 30’s-40’s
Teacher: Amos Love/ Jason Bass

Mostly 40’s
Teacher: Anthony Johnson

Mostly 40’s – 50’s
Teacher: Lamar Butler/ Gary Jones

Mostly 50’s – 60’s
Teacher: Dean Gaster

  • Ladies [Single or Married]

Mostly 20’s – 40’s
Teacher: Jenni Neal

Mostly 40’s – 50’s
Teacher: Teri Wagoner

Mostly 60’s +
Teacher: Betty Love

Teacher: Nancy Wiser

  • Men [Single or Married]

Mostly 20’s – 40’s
Teacher: James Neal

Mostly 30’s – 60’s
Teacher: Tom Wagoner

Mostly 60’s
Teacher: George Williams

  • Adult 60+

Teacher: Phil Denton

  • Spanish

Teacher: Gene Love

Off Campus

  • Dunn Area

Teacher: Tom Wagoner
Meets: Once Every Month
For: Anyone

Teacher: James Neal
Meets: Second Tuesday of Every Month
For: Anyone

Teacher: Jeremy Autry
Meets: Second Thursday of Every Month
For: Anyone

Teacher: Tim and Tami Jackson
Meets: Once Every Month
For: Empty Nesters

  • Plain View Area

Teacher: Darren Hughes
Meets: Once Every Month
For: Anyone

  • Four Oaks Area

Teacher: Anthony Beasley
Meets: Second and Fourth Mondays of Every Month
For: Men and Teen Boys